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September 7, 2007   Films, Gossip

Christina is wanted for a new film called “Nothing But Dreams” by director, Aimee Galicia Torres. The film is a drama about two people’s quest to follow their dreams and it will be filmed in Hollywood. Bryce Dallas Howard and Rachel McAdams are two other stars on the director’s wish list. Check out the full […]

July 5, 2007   Films, Gossip

Webmaster’s note: Please note that the following article is pure speculation and will be treated as such until proven to be a fact. Hollywood has been using chimpanzees for years and years, so you’d think they knew how to treat them. Sure, back in the early days there wasn’t as much monitoring of animal wrangling […]

May 10, 2007   Gossip

Christina Ricci may be smitten with director boyfriend Adam Goldberg, but the actress has apparently revealed she won’t be walking down the aisle just yet. The 27-year-old Addams Family star says she’s not sure if she wants to marry yet and would probably only consider a big wedding to keep her family happy, the Daily […]

June 8, 2005   Gossip, News, Other

Beck has explained how actress Christina Ricci ended up with a cameo appearance on his latest album GUERO – she just “happened to be there”. The WHERE IT’S AT star was desperately searching for somebody to impersonate a Japanese stewardess with the catchphrase ‘Please enjoy’ on his song HELL YES. And in the end he […]

March 15, 2005   Gossip, News

THE ADDAMS FAMILY star Christina Ricci would love to quit America following President George W Bush’s recent re-election, but her passion for US TV shows is keeping her rooted. The 25-year-old actress was one of a number of celebrities who had hoped Bush would have been defeated by Senator John Kerry in November’s (04) presidential […]

March 3, 2005   Films, Gossip, Interviews, News

‘King’ wrote in with a bit from a Christina Ricci interview in which she talks about a sequel to Batman Begins: In an interview with the Central Westchester newspaper, for “Cursed”, Christina Ricci says – following a long plug for her guest appearance on “Joey” and how it was a dream come true, blah, blah […]

February 10, 2005   Gossip, News, TV Alerts

Joey Tribbiani is getting another sister — and she’s going to look a lot like Christina Ricci. OK, she is Christina Ricci. Sources confirm that the Opposite of Sex actress will play Joey and Gina’s kid sis in an episode to air in late February. Or is it early March? Oh, it’s sometime in the […]