Christina is wanted for a new film called “Nothing But Dreams” by director, Aimee Galicia Torres. The film is a drama about two people’s quest to follow their dreams and it will be filmed in Hollywood. Bryce Dallas Howard and Rachel McAdams are two other stars on the director’s wish list. Check out the full article below.

Last year, BALITA broke a story about a young budding Fil-Am filmmaker named Aimee Galicia Torres who screened her film “Father, You Sinned” for Oscar consideration.
Now she’s back, knocking on Hollywood’s door. “I am set to direct a $6 million feature film, titled ‘Nothing But Dreams,’” she said. The film is a drama about two people’s quest to follow their dreams and it will be filmed in Hollywood. “I think it will be a profound film that will inspire today’s youth to follow their dreams,” she said. Perhaps what sets her apart from other filmmakers is her sincerity. “Father, You Sinned,” which she wrote and directed, is based on her real-life experiences. Like the lead character, Aimee was molested as a child by a family friend by a priest who was a family friend. She has definitely risen above adversity to reach for her dreams.
For her new film, her actor wish list includes Bryce Dallas Howard, Christina Ricci and Rachel McAdams. “We’ve already talked with Rachel’s agency but we are still trying to contact Cristina Ricci,” she said. According to Aimee, the possibility of getting these three actors on board is “pretty close.”
Aimee secured financing for the film with the help of Fred M. Davis of Hollywood Funding ( “We just met last year during the premiere of ‘Father, You Sinned.’ He apparently liked the film so much that he introduced me to a lot of people and helped me with ‘Nothing But Dreams.’”

David John West, Emmy winner for Best Sound Re-recording for “X-Files,” is also in her crew as a re-recording mixer.
If all goes according to plan, Aimee said they should begin principal photography in October. “We hope to release the film this Valentine’s Day,” she said.
In her debut film, “Father, You Sinned,” Aimee displayed a filmmaking style reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock movies. Aimee said that her next film will have a new look. When asked to describe it, she just said, “It will be well lit.”
In learning her background, one realizes that Torres has the right ingredients for success. She graduated from New York Academy, taking an intensive one-year filmmaking course. Moreover, she completed a stunt training course at Professional Stunt Training Centre. Not just that, she also has an Apple certified training for Final Cut Pro D at Weynand International and undergone a master makeup course at Cinema Makeup school.
Right now, she is honing her craft as a cinematographer. “My career has progressed a lot this year. I’m now trying to join the International Cinematographer’s Guild,” she said. Aimee will also fly next week to Seattle to work on another feature film.
Just at 22, Aimee is following her dream to become an award-winning filmmaker. She put up Aimester Productions LLC, an independent production company that provides a comprehensive guide of exposure to those who have the drive to make it in the film industry. So how hard is it to have an independent production company? “It’s definitely a lot of hard work. I never wanted to be producer but since it was needed to get the film out, I did it.”
Despite the trials she faced, her dream of being one of the top Hollywood directors is getting closer each day. “I’m noticing that although I’m one of the youngest people on set, I’m one of the key players,” she said.
She is hoping to release “Nothing But Dreams” under Universal Pictures. “It will help the film drastically and me, as a filmmaker. If this happens, financing my future projects wouldn’t be as hard,” she said.
According to Aimee, the Filipino community can “totally relate” to this film. “A lot of people now have taken paths that they didn’t want to take, especially Fil-Ams. Most of them just go to the medical field because their parents are doing it,” she said. “I want my audience to believe in their dreams and act upon them.”