‘King’ wrote in with a bit from a Christina Ricci interview in which she talks about a sequel to Batman Begins:

In an interview with the Central Westchester newspaper, for “Cursed”, Christina Ricci says – following a long plug for her guest appearance on “Joey” and how it was a dream come true, blah, blah – that she would love to be involved in, the next BATMAN film.

“I heard they want to bring Catwoman into the next one. I so loved Michelle Pfeiffer’s performance in the original one, and I think if they want someone to play the lead role – it’s her. However, if they’re looking for a younger Catwoman, someone more around Christian’s (Bale) age – I’m available!”, she gushes. “It would be great. That suit, the whip….wow. I will definitely have to get my agent onto that one”.

Ricci later slammed reports that there’s going to be a sequel to “Cursed”.

“It’s a one-off. Wes never intended to do a series of Cursed movies like he did the Scream movies”.

Source: superherohype.com