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January 20, 2005   Gossip, Interviews, News

Actress Christina Ricci has confessed that her secret to beauty lies within a tube of Preparation H hemorrhoid cream. According to, Ricci (25), says that she uses the ointment in order to maintain a semi-permanent seductive stare, instead of having her eyes bulge. The “Monster” star has been ridiculed by her boyfriend Adam Goldberg […]

January 20, 2005   Gossip, News

Isifa posted pictures of Christina, Adam and their dog out and about town. Since I consider them paparazzi shots I won’t post them at that gallery, just wanted to point that out in case you’re interested.

January 9, 2005   Films, News, Videos

Hey everyone, I just found a better quality trailer for Cursed. You can download it here (Quicktime, 15.2 MB).

January 7, 2005   Films, News, Videos

Finally – Moviefone has released the trailer for the latest Christina Ricci picture, Cursed! Click here to view it, and enjoy!

January 3, 2005   Films, News, Other

Harris Doran, who portrayed Claude in the recent all-star benefit concert of Hair, will be part of a reading of the new musical The Opposite of Sex at the end of January 2005.

The Opposite of Sex — featuring a score by Douglas J. Cohen — premiered this past fall at San Francisco’s Magic Theatre.

November 30, 2004   Films, Gossip, News

Although Oscar winner Charlize Theron has refused to tell which lesbian kiss she enjoyed more i.e. the one with Christina Ricci in “Monster’ or Penelope Cruz in ‘Head in the Clouds,’ she says that she certainly enjoyed kissing Cruz who has ‘hot Spanish blood’ in her veins. When asked, which one of the two beauties […]