Great news! Christina Ricci will be honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2024! It is well deserved and I’m so happy for her; congratulations Christina!

The Hollywood Walk of Fame Class of 2024 are:

In the category of MOTION PICTURES: Chadwick Boseman (posthumous), Kevin Feige, Gal Gadot, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Chris Meledandri, Chris Pine, Christina Ricci, and Michelle Yeoh

In the category of TELEVISION: Ken Jeong, Eugene Levy, Mario Lopez, Jim Nantz, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Michael Schur, Kerry Washington, and Raúl De Molina and Lili Estefan, Co-Hosts of the television show, “El Gordo y La Flaca” (double ceremony)

In the category of RECORDING: Glen Ballard, Toni Braxton, Def Leppard, Charles Fox, Sammy Hagar, Brandy Norwood, Darius Rucker, Gwen Stefani, and Andre ‘Dr. Dre’ Young

In the category of LIVE THEATRE/LIVE PERFORMANCE: Jane Krakowski and Otis Redding (posthumous)

In the category of RADIO: Angie Martinez

In the category of Sports Entertainment: Billie Jean King and Carl Weathers

Source: Hollywood Walk of Fame

Christina Ricci will be appearing in an episode of the new season of “Hollywood Houselift with Jeff Lewis.” In the second season of Hollywood Houselift, everyone’s favorite interior designer and house-flipper Jeff Lewis is back for a brand-new slate of show-stopping home renovations for some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities. But with a new season comes even bigger projects, higher stakes, and a ton of attitude. Lewis’ all-star team, including Megan Weaver, Tyler Meyerkorth, Andrew Coleman, and Shane Douglas, will also return to bring even more laughs and drama when the new episodes premiere in winter 2023.

Christina on how Misty was first pitched to her:
“Originally we only had the pilot and Misty only has one scene in the pilot where she gets offended by one of her elderly patients, because she works in nursing home – and then ends up being abusive to the elderly patient. I just love the scene. I thought it was so well written and concise, and really informative. It communicated so much about the pettiness and smallness of this woman. I thought that was fascinating. I am very interested in in human behavior and people like this people this petty, I find them really fascinating,” said Ricci “You could tell she was really devious, and she did these horrible things. She was very manipulative but also just like adorable and charming and really fun. “And they wanted her to be like that.”

On the ability to spread her creative wings with the character of Misty:
“I didn’t realize that she was supposed to be funny until we got to shooting the second episode. Then I realized that she was being written for comedy. For me, it was very important that this character feel real and to be grounded. I didn’t want her to be too over the top or cartoonish. So I really tried to play her against the comedy that’s written, almost, and it edit ends up working out. People seem to still think she’s funny. For me it’s much more important that everything she does make sense and follows logic and is justified. I’m not a very conscious actor, so I didn’t really realize I was doing any physical, anything different until people started pointing it out watching the show. I think when I play a character, I just become a different person. That means that means my physicality changes, depending on the energy of the character.”

On working with her season two partner in crime, Elijah Wood:
“I love working with Elijah – he’s so fun, and he’s so talented and he’s so good. The scenes are really fun to play. We both are kind of vibing and on the same page and same pace, even. I think that Walter has really given Misty for the first time, kind of normal stakes, relatable stakes. I’d never imagined Misty having such relatable stakes. To me, she always seemed like such an extreme character that anything did, she would never be in a quote unquote, normal sort of situation or be dealing with like normal issues. What was interesting by Walter being in her life this season she went into the last couple of episodes of the show, I think she reacted to what went on in those last episodes a lot differently than I think she would have had Walter not been a part of her life.”

On what is Misty’s end game?
“I feel at this place she has this compulsion to try to have a friend or see if people will accept her. I think it’s also kind of a weird like. It’s also expressed in sort of a hostile way. She knows she’s going to be rejected. But it says weird, compulsive need to just keep doing this thing. Just like what follows afterwards, the self destruction and doing the wrong thing to the new quote unquote, friend. It’s just her mode of operation – the cycle that she always goes through that keeps her in the same place. I think she has that compulsion. I don’t think her life has been very fun or full since they were rescued. She has a really strong bond to the other survivors. It’s the one time she actually did belong to some group. So she has just this need to preserve that group.”

Be sure to listen to episode 4 of TV Topics featuring Christina, it in its 37-minute entirety, directly below.

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Diego Luna (“Andor”) joins Helen Mirren (“1923”), Bella Ramsey (“The Last of Us”), Christina Ricci (“Yellowjackets”) Patrick Stewart (“Picard”) and Jeremy Strong (“Succession”) on the L.A. Times Envelope Drama Roundtable.

Another season of Yellowjackets, another Emmy nomination-worthy performance from Christina Ricci as one of the show’s most complex characters, Misty Quigley.

Ricci returns to Collider Ladies Night to recap her experience working on the second season of the hit Showtime series. Check out this video interview to get her take on how much Misty remembers about what happened in the wilderness, if Misty believes anything supernatural is really going on, why Karyn Kusama was the ideal director for the Season 2 finale and more!

Christina Ricci and some of her Yellowjackets co-stars filmed an episode of “Celebrity Family Feud” a while back and the new season of the show will be premiering on ABC starting July 9th at 9 pm ET/PT! The exact air date of the episode featuring Christina has not been announced yet, but I’ll be sure to share that once it’s released!

I have updated the photo gallery with 27 HQ photos of Christina Ricci attending the “Consider This” FYC event hosted by IndieWire earlier today in Los Angeles!

You can check out all the new photos by clicking the preview links below. Enjoy!

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