Christina Ricci is opening up on that scene in Showtime‘s Yellowjackets finale and offering fans a small glimpse at what they can expect from season three.


Ricci’s character, Misty — spoiler alert! — accidentally killed Juliette Lewis‘ Natalie at the end of season two as the Yellowjackets continue to do what it takes to survive post-plane crash. Ricci confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that a few episodes for next season – expected to land in early 2025 – have already been shot in Canada.

“This season is going to be even more shocking and surprising than the previous seasons,” Ricci tells The Hollywood Reporter. “It’s definitely going to be brutal. But they also put a lot of comedy into it. So I think it’s just going to be… extremely Yellowjackets-y.”

The team are already missing Lewis, she confirms, describing the cast as “like sisters.” Ricci says, “We bonded and spent so much time together, and we just really loved each other. It was really sad for her character to be killed off. Even now, we’ve filmed a couple of episodes, and it’s sad without Juliet.”

Ricci herself did not see the fateful moment coming. But after processing the shock, she believes it’s something Misty can forgive herself for. “I do. We’ve seen that she’s done it before,” she says. “She forgave herself for what she did to her friends in the wilderness, and I think she is someone who does get past things because she is a survivor.”

“If events in her life were going to have destroyed her, they would have already done it,” she adds. “Because these ladies have been through quite a bit.”

Ricci won’t say much more on what to expect from Misty and the rest of the Yellowjackets for season three — because she doesn’t know herself. Creators Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson try to keep the cast in the dark as much as they can. “We aren’t always privy to that stuff,” she says. “We tend to find out just a bit later than I think people would imagine. But it’s the nature of TV, and it’s just the nature of this show in particular. They don’t tell us anything about storylines, and I don’t even want to ask, because it puts them in a weird position. So I never ask what’s coming.”

It’s not something she’s used to. As a film star, she admits the not knowing is a challenge. “I have to say, it is very different. I come from movies, and with film, the entire story, you’re able to work on it. You’re able to make things make sense. And it can be a little bit disconcerting to all of a sudden be in an episode, or to be reading an episode and realize, ‘Oh, wait, this thing happened to her when she was young. I have not been playing a character that reflects that this happened.’ For an actor, I don’t think it’s an ideal situation. But every project has its own challenges, and this is how this show is made.”

Ricci has been booked and busy. She was revealed as the mastermind behind the gloomy chaos of Netflix‘s Wednesday hit, starring Jenna Ortega in the titular role that Ricci once played 32 years ago. But Wednesday Addams is not a character that Ricci has a feeling of ownership toward. “Jenna is so good, and her characterization is so good,” she tells THR.

“And it really is different than what I was doing. The last time I played this part, I was 12. I’m now 44 years old, so I don’t have a feeling of ownership over the character the way that I think some people might imagine,” she says. “Wednesday’s been played by many different people over the years. I’m not comparing it to Shakespeare, but you know how lots of people have played Juliet? It’s like that.”

In her latest project, Ricci stars alongside Chris Hemsworth, Ken Jeong and Auli’i Cravalho for a five-minute film celebrating the launch of mobile game Squad Busters. While her husband and son are the gamers in Ricci’s family, what really tempted her aboard was the chance to work with Will Arnett. “I’m a huge — like, for years and years and years — huge Will Arnett fan. So I was so excited to get to work with him… He’s a genius. Ken’s a genius. Chris is so funny. Auli’i was so funny. Everybody was intimidatingly genius and hilarious.”

Source: The Hollywood Reporter