Certain films were annual traditions in my family when I was growing up back in Poland. We used to watch Home Alone over the holidays, and Stuart Little on Easter. The Addams Family and The Addams Family Values were other titles for the books. Since I can remember, I would watch Christina Ricci as Wednesday Addams — a girl with a penchant for everything dark. The actor was a constant in my film and television education as the years passed, even when my parents wouldn’t allow me to watch some of them (like The Gathering, which I couldn’t get over).

We can all agree that Christina Ricci, the former child actress who rose to fame and is still shining bright in Hollywood, never stops. Her filmography is more than impressive, with memorable roles in Casper, Sleepy Hollow, or Monster. When I was diving into Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson’s Yellowjackets, I never expected Christina Ricci to still be able to both scare and thrill me with something fresh, but I was wrong. As Misty Quigley, she’s insane, hysterical, and purely hilarious.

Season two gives Misty something season one didn’t — an equally smart individual named Walter, portrayed by Elijah Wood, who’s not only a love interest, but a big part of the second installment’s narrative. On her desperate journey to find Natalie (Juliette Lewis) and reunite the rest of the titular Yellowjackets, Misty finds something she didn’t seek, but perhaps she truly needs — a partner. As others in season 2, Misty also struggles with the lies told in the wild that now suddenly beg to be revealed. However, it’s not remorse that keeps her from metaphorically sleeping, but rather logistical aspects, such as the correct concealment of Adam’s murder.

Ricci’s character awakens a plethora of contradictory emotions. How could we cheer for a character who abuses the elderly, kills people by inserting poison into their cigarettes, and is an exceedingly intelligent crime sleuth? Perhaps the following interview will answer this question, as well as any others that readers may have. I got the opportunity to speak with Christina Ricci before the premiere of episode 6 in season two. We talked about her work on Misty this time around, the development of her character, work with Elijah Wood, and zombie babies.

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