Though Yellowjackets’ leading ladies are too busy untangling their enigmatic pasts to sit around sipping cocktails or embark on montage-worthy makeovers—this is, after all, a thriller about a team of high school soccer players who become the (un)lucky survivors of a plane crash deep in the wilderness—the Emmy-nominated series has much to offer the style obsessed due to its time-jumping format. The juicy psychological drama, streaming now on Paramount+ with Showtime, delivers when it comes to memorable outfits. Viewers get to see the characters as their mid-90s high-school selves (Gen X fashion reigns supreme!) and, 25 years later, as the grown-up women they’ve become.

So, when considering candidates for the premiere episode of Vogue’s “Fast Forward Fashion,” we knew the perfect guests had to hail from the Yellowjackets universe. But which cast members would be the most fun for a style chat? Every lead of the female-powered ensemble series has a strong POV when it comes to life—and style. There’s Natalie (Sophie Thatcher/Juliette Lewis) who’s just as committed to the tough punk girl aesthetic as she was in high school; Taissa (Jasmin Savoy Brown/Tawny Cypress) who has transformed into a chic political power player and dresses the part; and Shauna (Sophie Nélisse/Melanie Lynskey) who’s IDGAF attire speaks to her dark edge. And this season, we get more backstory on Van (Liv Hewson as a teen and season two newcomer Lauren Ambrose as an adult) whose edgy tomboy style remains, and find out how Lottie’s (Courtney Eaton/Simone Kessell) monied hippie-chic looks evolve. But, oh, then there’s Misty–dangerously unhinged yet forever dorky. And from her pastel scrubs to her kitschy cat sweatshirts, from her funky glasses to her frizzy hair, Misty (played by Samantha Hanratty as a teen and Christina Ricci as an adult), is always a sight to behold.

Vogue recently met up with Ricci and Hanratty at the chic London West Hollywood Hotel to break down some of their favorite past personal looks, and to discuss the transformative role of fashion in their lives, both on-screen and off.

Ricci, of course, has been in the limelight for years—and her bold, feminine style would probably make the tightly-wound Misty very nervous. The acclaimed actress made her film debut at age nine and has been a staple on our screens ever since. “I view myself as more of a character actress,” she tells Vogue. “So to me it’s so important that when I show up as myself that who I am is communicated.”

As Ricci scans a book of her favorite past looks, it’s evident the star has always had fun with fashion. There’s a killer 2000’s moment (“Look, oh my god, the classic corset attached to coat with choker,” Ricci says) and designer gowns from Alberta Ferretti and Fendi. Her pale blue Ferretti gown was custom-made, presented to her sight unseen and ended up being a surprise hit. “It showed up and it was absolutely gorgeous,” she says. Meanwhile, Ricci fell in love with the glittering Fendi the moment she saw it come down the runway, and her good friend Kim Jones, the house’s artistic director, was thrilled to send it to her.

Next, it’s Hanratty’s turn to review some of her notable Hollywood looks. As it turns out, she may have just as much spunk as Misty. Her first look, a youthful pocketed print dress, was worn on the red carpet—a red carpet she crashed. “Fun fact,” she says, “I didn’t actually get invited to this award show, but I had a publicist at the time who was like, ‘Sneak on the carpet, get some pictures!’” It worked! Her next ensemble, a red gown with a sheer train, is a showstopper. “I think there were times that I tried to overdo the sexy. This is like a perfect mix,” says Hanratty. Ricci can relate. “When you’re younger, to have to telegraph who you are, when you don’t know who you are—it’s a journey,” she says.

Both actresses are having the times of their lives playing Misty, who’s as compelling a character as it comes. “We both transform every day while on the set of Yellowjackets,” notes Hanratty. “Wardrobe, of course, is a huge part of that transformation.” Adds Ricci, “Misty has long ago, I think, accepted that she doesn’t really understand the rules of society. I love dressing like her for the show. She just has no social grace and I really enjoy that.”

With new episodes of Yellowjackets, which is equal parts survival epic, psychological horror story and coming-of-age drama streaming now, it’s the perfect time for new viewers to binge season one and for diehard fans to break out the popcorn for season two. But we can’t sign off without giving proper due to Misty’s penchant for feline-inspired fashions, a much-discussed aspect of her character among the fandom. “I love the cat sweaters,” gushes Hanratty. (No spoilers, but the look has a big moment in season one) Will they make a comeback in season two? “I asked for that cat sweater so I could rewear it as adult Misty,” confides Ricci. “We haven’t had a chance yet, but it’s in my Misty closet.” Stay tuned.

Tune into new episodes of Yellowjackets, streaming now on Paramount+ with Showtime.

Source: Vogue