It’s almost trick-or-treating season, which means a lot of family fun and tasty snacks for actress and dog lover Christina Ricci.

The Yellowjackets star and mom of two recently sat down with Parade to discuss her new partnership with pet food brand Stella & Chewy’s as part of its “All You Need is Raw” campaign. She also told us all about her family’s Halloween traditions–dogs included.

During our chat, Ricci explained that her yearly spooky season routine involves finding a costume for her 8-year-old Freddie (who she shares with ex James Heerdegen) and doing some trick-or-treating with his best friend around the neighborhood. Meanwhile, her daughter, Cleopatra—who she shares with husband Mark Hampton—is still less than one year old and “doesn’t care about Halloween yet,” Ricci tells us.

The Addams Family alum adds that she used to love to “get out candy and watch scary movies” on Halloween before she had children and started spending the night collecting candy and sweets with her family.

But of course, the treats this season aren’t limited to candy, as Ricci is also spoiling her fur babies–especially her 13-year-old dog, Karen, who she describes as her “first baby”–with healthy and nutritious dog snacks from Stella & Chewy’s.

“I wanted to not only keep her alive as long as possible but also really make sure she was comfortable and healthy,” Ricci said of her search for the best options for her eldest pup. “I looked into the sort of nutritional ways that I can support her better, and I found Stella & Chewy’s.”

The actress also mentioned that she fell in love with the brand for her two younger dogs, Logan and Patrick, for similar reasons, “the thought, the attention, the care that goes into creating this kind of food for pets really reflects sort of the love, thought and care that we put into not only our interactions with our dogs but how we care for them.”

Source: Parade