After scoring her second Emmy nomination this morning for her supporting role on Showtime’s Yellowjackets, Christina Ricci caught up with Deadline to discuss the show’s recognition and upcoming second season, at the same time teasing her reentry into the world of Tim Burton with Wednesday.

Ricci, who played Wednesday Addams in two past Addams Family films, said it was “wonderful” to reteam with director Tim Burton on his upcoming Netflix series, for the first time since their collaboration on 1999’s Sleepy Hollow. “I was beyond flattered, particularly because it is Tim Burton and I respect and admire Tim so much,” she said. “So, to have him ask me to come back and play this part in that world was really gratifying on a sentimental level.”

While Ricci is sworn to secrecy on the role she’ll be playing in the series, she said she also “really loved” working with Jenna Ortega, who takes over the role of the Addams’ sole daughter. “She’s so incredibly talented and professional, and really seems to love film and TV making, and is involved in every step along the way of the show,” said Ricci. “And her Wednesday is a really, really great, smart, modern take on that character.”

Ricci’s latest nomination followed her Drama Guest Actress nom for her turn as Hannah on Grey’s Anatomy in 2006. The acclaimed survival drama Yellowjackets, in which she plays one version of plane crash survivor Misty, was recognized today in a total of seven categories, which also included Outstanding Drama Series, Directing for a Drama Series, Writing for a Drama Series (x2), Lead Actress in a Drama Series (Melanie Lynskey) and Casting for a Drama Series.

Ricci said that the display of love for the show is “overwhelming” and “a testament” to the pedigree of talent involved, across the board. While she said she has “absolutely no objectivity” when it comes to the project she works on and “had no idea that it would explode in the way that it has,” she’s been a fan from the get-go of the “incredibly varied examples of women” it presents, and “the honest portrayal of these characters,” who “never pander” and “never sort of wink at the audience, begging for affection.”

The actress said that production on Yellowjackets Season 2 will kick off “at the end of the summer,” adding that while she has been given “no concrete information” as to the upcoming installment’s plot, she has her hopes, as far as what will be explored with Misty going forward. “We did see her citizen detective sort of talents come out a little bit in the first season, and I would love to see that in the second season,” said Ricci. “I would love to see her trying to solve the mystery of where Juliette [Lewis]’s been taken. What’s going on in that crazy basement [with that] alter, dog head thing? I just really feel like I’d like to see her solve those crimes—and commit other crimes, along the way.”

Looking ahead, Ricci hopes to continue to play “really amazing, interesting, varied characters, and to just challenge myself and be excited about what I’m working on.” She’s at the same time developing numerous projects through her company Blaspheme, with several “going out to pitch soon” that will hopefully lead to more involvement in TV, “in different ways.”

Ricci’s competitors in this year’s Drama Supporting Actress race are Severance‘s Patricia Arquette, Ozark‘s Julia Garner, Squid Game‘s Jung Ho-yeon, Better Call Saul‘s Rhea Seehorn, Succession‘s J. Smith-Cameron and Sarah Snook, and Euphoria‘s Sydney Sweeney. The ceremony will take place on September 12.

Source: Deadline Hollywood