Christina Ricci has brought none of the Hollywood diva antics you’d expect of a big name star.

Word from the set of her Australian film, Around The Block, suggests the Mermaids star isn’t afraid of getting her hands dirty by working behind the scenes.

Ricci has been spotted assisting production staff by “setting up the shot” and holding a video camera.

“Christina is having a great time on set, she’s getting on really well with everyone and is an absolute pleasure,” our production spy said. “She’s very down to earth and isn’t afraid of rolling up her sleeves and doing hard work.”

Ricci, 32, who once dated Aussie actor Kick Gurry, arrived in Sydney last weekend to work on the gritty indigenous drama set in Redfern. The film also stars Jack Thompson, Madeleine Madden and Hunter Page-Lochard.

Confessions of Christina Ricci