Around The Block, starring Hollywood starlet Christina Ricci, is being described as a “a universal ‘feel good movie’ infused with the true gritty reality that is contemporary urban life in Sydney”

It also aims to provide “a contemporary urban story that offers a role model outside the football field or boxing ring.”

Set in Redfern, has Ricci as Dino Chalmers “a young idealistic American drama teacher” who tries to showcase a performance of Shakespeare’s Hamlet with her year 11 class at Redfern High School, helping an indigenous boy Liam (Hunter Lochard Page) to pursue his dream of acting.

The Block is the name given to a block of housing in Redfern Sydney.

It was purchased over 30 years by the Aboriginal Housing Company (AHC) for use as a project in Aboriginal-managed housing.

In 2004, It was the scene of a massive riot, when teenager TJ Hickey died after impaling himself on a fence while running away from police. Many residents blamed police for his death.

Eveleigh St, on the Block’s eastern border is notorious for drug dealing and crime.

Around the Block is scheduled for release in the first half of 2013.