Christina Ricci “would love” to team up with Martin Scorsese.

The actress named the legendary filmmaker as her favourite director and hopes she will get the chance to star in one of his films.

The Hollywood beauty also explained how she picks her movie roles, saying she usually trusts her gut feeling.

“I would love to work with Martin Scorsese, he is my favourite director,” she said during a radio interview. “I just go with impulse [when picking roles], what I like, what I think would be fun or if it’s someone I’d like to work with. It’s really very emotionally based.”

Christina added that she likes to go to the cinema in her spare time.

The 32-year-old finds good films relaxing, but her busy schedule doesn’t often allow her to go to the movies.

“I do when I’m not working, but when you’re working it’s hard to take time to do that. If the film is really good you lose yourself,” she said.

The Bel Ami star also spoke about being a child star.

Christina shot to fame portraying Wednesday Adams in the popular 1990s Adams Family franchise.

Her family made sure she didn’t take on too much work and school came first.

“I always had the same tutor on every job, you have to do at least three to four hours of school every single day. My parents only allowed me to do one film a year and then I’d just go back into public school with my friends,” she said.