Christina Ricci would “enjoy” being a trophy wife.

The actress has imagined an alternative life in which she wasn’t a Hollywood star but a rich socialite instead.

The 30-year-old was perhaps inspired by her role in new movie Bel Ami, in which she portrays a well-to-do wife and mother in the Parisian Belle Époque era.

“If I met an insanely wealthy man, I would be a trophy wife right now. [I’d live in] a gorgeous apartment [in SoHo, New York]. Maybe I’d take pictures or be a socialite, throw parties. I could be a party planner. I’d enjoy that,” she told Total Film magazine.

Christina also has loved the original Bel Ami novel since she was in her early teenage years.

The former child star said that instead of seeking out the movie adaptation’s directors to ask to be considered for a role, the script just turned up without any meddling on her part.

“I’ve loved the book since I was around 13 or 14. [I was] super-excited [when I heard a film was being made],” she said. “[The script just arrived] which is kind of amazing since I loved the book so much.”