Have U Heard recently had the opportunity to tour the set of Pan Am and interview Michael Mosley (“Ted”), Margot Robbie (“Laura”) and Christina Ricci (“Maggie”).

With the season finale set for Sunday, February 19th, I wanted to share a behind the scenes look at both the set and the actors.

The set is every bit as amazing as it looks on television. A majority of the filming takes place on a 707 plane that sits in a hangar with a green screen used to create the view of the sky and the location of the week. The wardrobe department along with the costumes and accessories from the 60′s was equally amazing.

After seeing the set the interviews took place. I was in awe at being able to meet and speak with Christina Ricci. Christina has always been known for her movies so one of the first questions asked of her was why television?

Christina: I have been looking to get into TV for a long time, actually. I have been doing this for a really long time and lots of traveling and different films. I have been looking for a more stable lifestyle, a regular lifestyle. A regular job. I thought TV was a great way to facilitate that and I also started seeing how the better writing was on TV. Better talent is on TV these days. So, I started looking. I always enjoyed guest starring on TV. I loved the work and how work was approached. So, I was looking for a while and I this just came up as an opportunity.

Other questions that were asked of Christina:

Question: What traits do you like about your character?

CR: I like that she is sort of like the ‘wild card.’ I like that she had to work her way to the top – that she doesn’t come from money or a traditional background. I like that she had to create herself from what she perceived to be nothing and I like the fact that she sees herself as inferior. She takes risks. A lot of people can relate to it. Those are the things that get us in trouble in life and destructive behaviors, but it makes her very human.

Question: How have you liked hanging out in NYC the past couple of months?

CR: Oh, I been having a great time. I have been living in Brooklyn and really enjoying it. It reminds of the Lower East Side – where I lived as a teenager. Then I moved away. I have been away for 10, 11 years. When I came back it’s so different…at least Manhattan is. Brooklyn reminds me of the way Manhattan was when I was a teenager. I love living in Brooklyn.

Question: Do you like the trains?

CR: I’m not very close to a train stop, but I will be moving for this play so I will be close to a train soon.

Question: What play?

CR: I’m doing Midsummer’s Night Dream in CSC in March, so, yea, I will be taking the train on a regular basis. Look for me on the L.