There’s some more clarification about the is it/isn’t it canceled news on “Pan Am” from Ask Ausiello.

Question: Did Pan Am get cancelled? Please say no. — Ariana
Ausiello: Well, it hasn’t been cancelled… yet. But it doesn’t look good. See, the show was hoping to produce a 15th episode this season, and when that didn’t happen, leading lady Karine Vanasse sounded the alarm on Twitter — not illogically but nonetheless a bit prematurely. When the series wraps production in early January, it will be following the completion of its 14th episode. A decision on a second season probably won’t be made until May. In the meantime, the show will likely remain on the air until February. Speaking of which, between now and then, Colette will get mixed up with the incognito prince of Morocco, Laura will come within one degree of separation from Andy Warhol, and Kate will try to flirt away pilfered rocket plans from an Italian Emissary.