Who doesn’t love Christopher Walken? I think I could watch him do almost anything including, but limited to, an overtly deadpan, dramatic reading of Lady Gaga lyrics. Walken is a sneaky funny guys who steals scenes with a monotone and snarky delivery. Now he’ll have a chance to get more laughs. The Hollywood Reporter has Walken joining the cast of Scott Marshall’s (All’s Faire in Love) upcoming comedy Wild Oats. Walken will be added to an already packed cast that includes Shirley MacLaine, Maria Bello, Christina Ricci, John Corbett and Bill Pullman.

Wild Oats is an action-comedy about a widowed grandmother (MacLaine) who comes into money and hits the road to Las Vegas with her granddaughter (Ricci). Claudia Myers (Kettle of Fish wrote the script about the grandma-granddaughter team sewing some of their own wild oats across America.

Walken’s been in and out of comedies of late with roles in Hairspray, Balls of Fury and The Maiden Heist. He is also in Tony Vitale’s upcoming comedy Life’s a Beach. Hell, the guy could read the dictionary and we’d probably laugh.

Wild Oats is set to start filming in August.

From Cinema Blend