From the Addams Family to Monster to Speed Racer, Christina Ricci has done it all. Making movies however, has not only helped her grow as an actor, but also as a person.

In an interview, the actress has confessed that she was one mixed-up kid, but now she has her priorities right. And today, she just wants to focus on her career and is working hard on shedding her slightly sinister image.

The actress has come a long way from the extremes of her troubled youth when she cut herself and battled with anorexia. In fact, she now looks slender with glowing skin.

Speed Racer , a family film, marks a change in Christina’s celluloid journey till date, as it is her first action film and her first potential blockbuster.

“When I read the script I was, like, ‘I don’t know what I’m doing.’ Because when you read a script and someone is having a nervous breakdown or someone is crying because someone else is dying, it’s very specific. I know exactly what to do with that stuff. But when it’s just someone talking in a normal situation – there are a million different interpretations,” Sydney Morning Herald quoted her, as saying.

While she worked constantly throughout her teens but “not always on the greatest things”, she said.

And when asked if she ever watches her early films, she said: “Not really, though when I do I’m, like, ‘Why did anyone like me?’ I was such a bad actress.”

In her teens she dealt with family problems mainly related with her father, but today she says that she has “got to a place that everyone gets to one day where you feel more secure”.

From Times of India