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I don’t remember a heck of a lot about the original Speed Racer TV show except that it had one of the great theme songs of all time. (Man, Greg Kihn spoke the truth: They really don’t write ’em like that anymore.) That, and Speed’s eyes were extraordinarily large and looked like a girl’s, and his mouth never seemed to match what he was saying. Oh, anime! We were so young and untrained in your ways.

Forty years after it ended its two-year run on TV, Speed Racer has grown up to be a movie, starring Emile Hirsch (as Speed) and Christina Ricci (as Speed’s girlfriend Trixie), both of whose eyes are appropriately large and well-lashed. Filmed by the Wachowski brothers (err, siblings?) in their first directorial effort since the Matrix movies, Speed Racer looks to be one of those movies that people will either love or hate. When we debuted the trailer back in December, it seemed like half the comments included the word “awesome,” while the other half included the letters (and symbol) “WTF?”

You’ll be able to see for yourself on May 9 whether the Wachowskis have pulled off the trick of transferring anime — and racetrack shenanigans — to the big screen. Meantime, we have more pressing business at hand: Emile Hirsch and Christina Ricci have signed on for our Unscripted interview series, for which they’ll be asking each other your questions. And they can only do that if you get off your butt and submit one, so do it in the comments section below.

Please post your comment by Friday, April 18, and include your name and the city where you live. Go, Speed Racer fan, go!

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