While I work on updating for tomorrow night (it’s going to be huge :wink:), I decided to share some links that feature Black Snake Moan related goodies.

You can check out an interview that the cast of Black Snake Moan did with AOL at Unscripted.

And for you memoribilla collectors, you can out Premiere Props. Here’s a part of the e-mail they sent me: “One of Premiere Props’ newest acquisitions is Black Snake Moan, which of course stars Christina. We’re putting up a great deal of her screen-used props and costumes for auction (as well as for sale at our online store, premiereprops.com) including all of the sundresses and cutoff shirts that she wore in the movie. I really think this is something visitors to your website would be excited about, so I was wondering if it was possible if we could arrange putting banners or other promotional materials on christinaricci.ws to make her fans aware of the fact that they have the chance to own some one-of-a-kind Christina Ricci memorabilia.” So keep an eye out for those. 🙂

And as for affiliate requests, I’ll be adding those next update too. I’m really bad at replying to e-mails, so please don’t think I’m being a snot. :laughing: