Welcome to the new version of Confessions Of Christina Ricci! Thanks to Natalie of Elements Inc. for creating this awesome layout! 🙂 I have updated a few pages of content including: caption it with a new photo, tattoos with new photos and new tattoos, the timeline with photos from 2005 & 2006, links, the staff page, contact information, link back and affiliates. I am still working on the new gallery, the old one located here, will be up until Thursday. That is when I will delete all the old gallery and open the new gallery. Just so everyone knows about the gallery, most of the current gallery is captures, and I haven’t had time to re-capture everything yet. The new gallery will not have like 9,000 pictures when it first opens, but I hope to get it there really soon!

Anyway, please feel free to browse around and leave a comment if you want! 🙂 I will be updating more content and even re-doing the filmography soon. Thanks for sticking with Confessions!