Editor’s Note: This is a previous post from former co-webmaster, Amelie.

I have made my decision and I will leave this site! … I’m simply not that big a fan of Christina’s than I used to be (her recent choices of projects aren’t really my cup of tea), with uni keeping me quite busy and the troubles at the forums made me realise I’m losing interest in running this site. I hope you’ll all forgive me, but I’m sure Jen will take good care of it. And I might even come back every once in a while if I come across new pictures or make DVD captures – who knows 😉
But before I’m off, I have a little something for you:

all interaction features have been updated
– more pictures of the William Rast Collection Debut
– HQ’s of Friday’s Variety’s Centennial Gala
– the long awaited outtakes of the LA Book