Site History

Site Name: Confessions of Christina Ricci
Former URL’s:,,
Opened: May 2003 (by Riikka)
Owner: Jennifer (since December 2004)

Confessions Of Christina Ricci was started in March of 2003 and launched in May of 2003 to pay tribute to a wonderful actress. The site was started by Riikka, but her dear friend Corissa joined the team a couple of months later. After Riikka became busy with her school, she decided to share the site with Roberta and to move to a new domain, and Amelie also hopped on over as a co-webmistress. In December 2004 both Riikka and Roberta became so busy with their lives that Amelie and Jen teamed up and took over the site. Amelie left the project in December 2005 and now Jen is trying to run the show on her own and keep the Ricci adoration alive.

Thank you’s

Without your help the site wouldn’t be what it is today – thank you for the amazing contributions and support you have provided us!

Riikka, Roberta, Corissa, Amelie, Mel, Mariana, Frank, holden c., lyric, Salvador, Maria, Jen, Wicca, Kat, Jules, April, Wandeck, Alyson Hannigan Corner, and all the people who have submitted news, scans, feedback and support.

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