April 9, 2010   Interviews

We love checking in with famous folks about their own personal New York: where they go, what they love and why they love it. Today, we caught up with actress Christina Ricci, the star of the new thriller “After.Life,” opening in theaters Friday. Here, she spills about a few of her NYC faves: 1. Maritime […]

April 8, 2010   Films, Gallery

I have added 7 new stills from “After.Life” into our gallery – you can see them by clicking on the previews below! “After.Life” is released tomorrow – April 9th!

April 8, 2010   TV Alerts

I have found air dates for Christina’s upcoming apperance on “The Graham Norton Show”! Thanks to ilovericci8 on our forums – the show will air in the UK on Monday, April 12th! And the show will be airing on Saturday, April 17th in the US on the channel BBC America! Please check your local TV […]

April 7, 2010   Films, Interviews

Her character wakes up in a mortician’s room after a car crash, not sure if she is dead or alive. To Ricci, the chilling film is ‘a sort of character piece.’ Playing a dead person in the creepy thriller “After.Life,” which opens in theaters Friday, was a painful experience for Christina Ricci. The waif-like actress […]

April 6, 2010   Films, Videos

There are currently 2 clips from “After.Life” online right now – you can view them below! “After.Life” is released this Friday, April 9th! Thanks to Frank for the links to the videos!

March 30, 2010   TV Alerts

According to The Sun, Christina is going to be a guest on “The Graham Norton Show” when it returns on air next month. No exact air date has been set, but if any fellow UK fans have any more information, please let us know! 😉 COMIC Ricky Gervais will be among the first celebrities on […]

March 24, 2010   Films

Hi. Agnieszka Wojtowicz-Vosloo here again to answer the second most frequently asked question about After.Life, as well as a replying to some of your questions. So here goes… Is Anna (Christina Ricci) dead or alive? Is there a big twist at the end? Now you don’t expect me to really answer that question. Do you? […]