June 22, 2014   Films, Gallery

I have updated our photo gallery with 380 HQ and MQ images into the candids, talk shows and movies sections. You can check them out by clicking on the thumbnail previews below!

November 19, 2011   Gallery

I have a quick photo update for today. I added 14 new photos into our gallery including: stills from “All’s Faire in Love”, candids from October 30th and a new photo shoot.

March 22, 2011   Gallery, Pan Am

Yesterday, March 21st, Christina Ricci was photographed filming more scenes for the “Pan Am” pilot and I have just added 11 photos of her on the set!

March 17, 2011   Gallery, TV Series

I have added 12 photos of Christina Ricci on the set of “Pan Am” from March 16th into our photo gallery!

March 17, 2011   Gallery, Pan Am, TV Series

I have just added 9 photos of Christina Ricci on the set of “Pan Am” (the filming of the pilot is taking place in New York City) from March 15th into our photo gallery!

February 12, 2011   Gallery, News

Today, February 12th, is Christina Ricci’s 31st birthday! On behalf of her fans from around the world, Confessions of Christina Ricci wants to wish Christina an amazing day today! :heart: