The Advocate – March 2003

Monsters, Inc. (The Buzz)
Advocate, March 2003

Movie to portray lesbian serial killer Aileen Wuornos

LAST ISSUE, THE BUZZ REPORTED ON THE MOVIE Party Monster, a true story with Macaulay Culkin playing a gay club-kid killer. Now we’ve got the scoop on just plain Monster, a movie with Charlize Theron as real-life lesbian serial killer Aileen Wuornos. Whatever happened to “the monster in the closet”?

Monster writer-director Patty Jenkins describes the Wuornos film as being similar in tone to Bonnie and Clyde. So we know what that means. “Hot lesbian love scenes!” promises Christina Ricci, who plays Wuornos’s lesbian lover. No stranger to taking chances on film – in such edgy fare as The Opposite of Sex, Buffalo ’66, and the upcoming Prozac Nation – Ricci says, “It’s actually a really dark, difficult movie. It’s going to be very intense to be down in Daytona Beach [Fla.], where it all took place.”

Darkness and murder aside, however, Ricci says that the lesbian sex angle will make the movie more audience-friendly. “I have a group of boys I talk to a lot, and when I told them about the movie, they were like, ‘Awesome!'”