Isifa posted pictures of Christina, Adam and their dog out and about town. Since I consider them paparazzi shots I won’t post them at that gallery, just wanted to point that out in case you’re interested.

I added an interview Christina did when The Man Who Cried came out. Download it here. I also added the captures in the gallery.

Christina is featured in the newest (February) issue of US Instyle magazine. She shares her beauty secrets and also gives a peek into her make-up bag. This issue of Instyle hits news stands this Friday, the 14th of January. Enjoy the scans!

I finally went through all emails and submissions we got, and I updated the interaction section. Check out Adopt Christina, Fan Testimonials and Caption It. We also received a new wallpaper, thanks! Please also check out our new affiliates!

Hi everyone, I’m back! I hope you all had a great start into the new year. 🙂
I’ll try to answer all mails and add all the interactive submissions within the next few days, thanks for your patience!

Thanks to Mel & Riikka for finding the new Cursed trailer! I added some captures to the gallery.

Hey everyone, I just found a better quality trailer for Cursed. You can download it here (Quicktime, 15.2 MB).

Finally – Moviefone has released the trailer for the latest Christina Ricci picture, Cursed! Click here to view it, and enjoy!