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November 22, 2009   Site

Welcome to the brand new version of Confessions of Christina Ricci! I have spent the past two days behind the scenes working on coding this layout and making sure that it looked good in Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer… If you encounter any errors with anything, please let me know and I will work to […]

September 1, 2009   Site

Confessions of Christina Ricci has been named the site of the month for September at Fiction to Film! Thanks so much to the wonderful folks at the site. :biggrin:

March 22, 2009   Site

I created a brand new look for our fan forums! Head on over to the forums and check it out. If you’re not a member already, go on over and join up!

November 23, 2008   Site

I just wanted to post real quick about what’s going on with updates at this website. First thing, I want to make it clear that I am not abandoning this website at all! I currently picked up a second job during the holiday season, so my time is spent working 14+ hours on most days. […]

July 19, 2008   Site

Welcome to the new version of Confessions of Christina Ricci! I created this new layout about a week and a half ago and finally got around to coding it. If you’re still seeing the old look, please hit refresh on your browser. Those of you who are using 1024×768 or lower may have to hit […]

July 8, 2008   Site

I will begin to resume updates on the site again this weekend. I’m currently in the process of backing up the site’s content – and I want to make sure to get everything before I add anything new. There’s going to be a lot in store when I update again, stay tuned! 😉

July 1, 2008   Site

Sunday, the server this website is hosted on crashed. We lost the everything that occured on this site from June 6th until June 30th. We are missing a few news postings, forum posts and pictures (pictures will be re-added a.s.a.p) but the rest of the site should be in tact. :blank: Please let me know […]