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Film Threat – December 1995


Interview with Thora Birch, Katherine Heigl and Christina Ricci. Christina’s Responses:

Film Threat: What’s the downside to what you do?

Christina Ricci: When you travel to a place you hate and you’re stuck there. For example, Pittsburg. (Cemetary Club)

FT: What’s the best part?

CR: I Love all the traveling, and I really like meeting all the people because they’re all so different.

FT: Tell me about your fan mail and who sends it.

CR: I get some weird people who actually think I’m a 30-year-old midget. One guy wanted to know if I was married and if I had any kids.

FT: Who is the most influential person in your life?

CR: My sister Pia. She’s 19. She’s the person I was closest to growing up and I’ve always wanted to be like her. A lot of the things I say are direct quotes from her mouth.

FT: What’s the best advice you’ve ever received that you’d like to pass on to someone?

CR: From my sister: “Remember who you are. It’s really okay to be who you are.”

FT: What other aspirations do you have in the entertainment field?

CR: A producer. I’m totally averse to being a director ’cause there’s too much responsibility. When movie totally sucks, they always blame the director. The producer can kinda go off and work on something else.

FT: Do you feel that the studios want to make you look older than you really are?

CR: Not the studio but the media. When I do interviews they seem to supplement things into the piece that I never said. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s just so far from where you are. It’s totally other people’s perceptions.

FT: How do your friends treat you at school?

CR: I can’t say they treat me the same because they don’t. For a while they did, but then last year people started to become much more aware of what it is that I actually do. I know they probably mean to treat me well, but it ends up coming out worse. Too much attention for anyone is a little strange, but in high school all you wanna do is look at the floor and keep walking, and it’s a little hard when people are shouting across the cafeteria, “Wednesday! Wednesday!”.

FT: What really extravagant item-for someone your age-have you bought during your career?

CR: I bought myself a Mac 520 Powerbook. But everyone does that nowadays, don’t they?

FT: Is there competition between you and other actresses your age?

CR: Mostly I compete with Claire Daines and Natalie Portman.

FT: Do you think you lead a normal life?

CR: I think I’m normal, but a lot of people don’t think so.

FT: What kind of roles do you turn down?

CR: Stupid ones like the silly little archetypical giggly teenage roles.

FT: Who do you want to work with in the future?

CR: Michael Madsen, Amanda Plummer. I’d love to work with Tarantino, but that is such an annoying thing to say. I see people that I hate going “Yeah, Pulp Fiction.”

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