Cosmopolitan (Spanish Edition) – July 2008

Merle Ginsberg

July 2008

Thank you to Frank and Andrew for transcribing the interview

Indie cinema’s princess has been working as an actress since she was nine, has got an intelligent speaking, likes to defend her privacy and likes challenges… but also she’s a girl who adores sweets, designer’s clothes and Manolo Blahnik’s shoes (by Merle Ginsberg)

Go shopping during daytime and posing before the paparazzi holding a big caffé latte, and partying all the night into nightclubs, with good company… that’s the kind of life young people think about Hollywood celebrities, especially if they use to read tabloids. But Christina Ricci is not the typical 28 year old actress, though she has grew in Los Angeles. Or maybe that’s the reason.

First of all, Ricci has been performing since she was nine. Second, she has done very different works (from The Addams Family to The Ice Storm, from Prozac Nation to The Opposite of Sex, from Monster and Black Snake Moon to the recent Speed Racer and New York, I Love You –a Paris Je T’aime remake who has just end filming at the Big Apple and is going to premiere towards the end of the year–), proof that she is one of the most versatile actresses in her generation. Her talking is full of nuances. She can be very serious… and little serious.

For example, her idea of a fun weekend. “In winter, I like to shut myself up at home, all day wearing pajama, watching TV and ordering home delivery food”, she enthusiastically says. “In summer, I love to “fall” into a friend’s beach house. I don’t go out a lot, that’s why you don’t watch me in the tabloids. If paparazzi catch me, it’s often when I’m doing an errand, and since they think I’m boring, they use to move back. I don’t do anything scandalous. Nowadays I don’t drink, because I’m tiny and I put on weight. I don’t go to pubs or clubs, apart from birthday’s parties. Even then, if I find trouble parking, I leave. A friend and I like to join together to watch ‘Top Model’, and I also watch ‘Lost’ with my sister and her husband. I’m happier at home than going out. Making movies is exhausting, it keeps me busy all day. So, after that, I like to withdraw.

“Withdrawing” means moving away to her home in Los Angeles, with her two dogs. If she begins to watch TV alone, she prefers some gothic crime documentary. “I’m watching A&E’s American Justice”, she confesses. “American Justice, murder stories, any siamese-twins-that-born-stuck-and-get-split documentary, anything related to science and genetics. Then, when it’s time to interviewing, I use to end up talking about autism, vaccines, recessive gene… I tend to send E-mails about these things and, in the subject field, I write: “Do we need another another vaccine?”. People sigh, and are like “Oh, Christina!”.

Q&A Section

Name: Christina Ricci
Nick: Ricci

Favorite male costar:
(She marks all)
a. Jonnhy Deep
b. Justin Timberlake
c. Samuel L. Jackson
d. James McAvoy
e. Emile Hirsh
f. Mattew Fox
g. Another… Ioan Gruffudd

Movie’s character who I’m alike:
Trixie: tomboy and childlike.

Weird phobia:
Fear of monkeys.

Favorite part in my body:
a. My butt
b. My tits
c. My abs
d. My legs
e. Other… My brain (<-picks this one)

I’m insecure about… my legs… because… I find them ugly

I feel sexy wearing:
a. Evening dress
b. Jeans and a hot top
c. Bikini
d. Sweats
e. Lingerie
f. Naked (<-picks this one)

If I wasn’t an actress, I would be…
A doctor

The most embarrasing thing that has happened to me…
Something that I will NEVER tell anybody!

I cannot resist…

I’d like to be more…
a. Uninhibited (<-picks this one)
b. Organized
c. Relaxed
d. Sexy
e. Other…

My friends make fun of me because… I want to control everything.

When I’m alone at home… I watch TV and make some little craft work.

A guy is sexy if…
a. Have a hot body
b. Calls mum every day
c. Knows how to deal with children
d. He’s good singing
e. He’s a little naughty
f. Other… He’s good, handsome and shows empathy and compassion (<-picks this one)

I don’t like a man…
a. Jealous.
b. With no imagination
c. Who needs a lot of attention
d. Who has a big ego
e. Who don’t hear me
f. Other… Who calls mum every day (<-picks this one; mced: LOL)

Best advice in a relationship… to find advice from somebody objective enough. Sometimes, friends put their feelings in, and they put themselves in my shoes, in my relationship.

Into my purse, you’ll find… hands cream and a stain remover.

An average saturday, you’ll find me…
a. Having lunch with my friends
b. Shopping.
c. Working out.
d. Working.
e. Sleeping all morning.
f. Meeting my family.
g. Other… Watching “American Justice” show on A&E (<-picks this one)

Sometimes, they get me mixed up with… Thora Birch.

My favorite date…
a. Watching a movie
b. Watching a concert
c. Dinner in a restaurant (<-picks this one)
d. Dinner at home
e. Going out for a drink
f. Driving
g. Other…

Worst habit…
a. Junk food, especially… at night (<-picks this one)
b. Swearing
c. Saying what I think
d. Missing the gym (<-also picks this one)
e. Reading tabloids
f. Chewing gum
g. Watching silly show on TV, especially… The Biggest Loser and America’s Next Top Model (<-and this one)

I cannot stop watching this movie… The Hunt for Red October

I’d never date a man who…
a. Smokes
b. Didn’t want to have children
c. Has children (<-picks this one)
d. Has date an old friend of mine
e. Can share his jeans with me (<-too)
f. Other…

You’ll be surprised to find I’ve never been… fan of Dirty Dancing or Grease.

I would die to play… Meryl Streep.

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