Bop – May 1996

May 1996

Christina Ricci says that knowing herself as well as she does helps her get through a lot of potentially bad situations.

If there’s one thing Christina has learned during her years in showbiz it’s the importance of being adaptable. She understands that if you’re the type of person who flips out when there’s a lot of change in you life, acting-with it’s neverending assortment of different locations and characters-is going to present some challenges.

Despite the fact that she’s open to change, Christina definetly knows what it’s like to have to adjust to a new situation. For starters, she recently moved from Montclair, New Jersey to New York City, so she’s no stranger to the new-kid-on-the-block syndrome.

“I think that everyone has [had to fit into a new situation],” says Christina. “You feel like a geek. You may not look like one, but you feel like on. I mean, I’m pretty good at adapting to things, but of course there’s like the two days that are that transitional point.”

Luckily for Christina, that transitional time is relatively short. What helps make things go more smoothly, she says, is the fact that she’s secure about who she is. In other words, all she basically has to do is be herself and everything eventually falls into place.

Being sure of who she is and maybe more importatly who she isn’t does more than help Christina deal with change. It also gives her an edge against peer pressure. Take drugs for instance. Christina remains adament about not doing them, even though some of the people around her are.

“Some kids really mess up their lives,” she said. “They get too involved with alcohol and drugs. Other kids try it and then get out of it really quickly. Other kids just don’t even go near it, and I think they’re the ones that are better off. I have friends who say it’s fun. I tell them that they’re idiots, but I can’t make them quit.”

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