Big Bopper – 1996

BB's Stephen


Stephen: You’ve been acting for more than five years now. How has the experience changed for you? Do you feel like you’re developing from role to role?

Christina: I don’t know. I really don’t have a technique so I can’t see it developing. But I definitely know more about movie-making and everything.

Stephen: Do you still get excited with the release of each new film? [Christina’s next movie, Last of the High Kings, will be out this summer.]

Christina: Yeah, I do. Probably not as excited as I used to get, but I still get excited.

Stephen: Have you thought about what type of roles you’d like to do in the future?

Christina: Yeah, I just want to do all different kinds of things. There isn’t like one role. I don’t want to be one type of actor.

Stephen: Do you feel that the last couple of projects you’ve done [Gold Diggers: The Secret of Bear Mountain and Now And Then] have allowed you to branch out in the direction you want to go?

Christina: Well, I definitely think [playing Roberta] in Now in Then was one of the most interesting parts I ever had.

Stephen: How so?

Christina: Well, just because it was something that I believed in, something that I really related to. It was a project that I felt something for. I did a lot of the other projects in the past just so I could work with cool people or because I thought it’d be a cool idea, stuff like that. But Now and Then was really something that I felt a lot for.

Stephen: That’s cool. So how has acting affected you in terms of growing up?

Christina: It’s forced me to question who I am really early on. I think that I know who I am a lot better than a lot of kids my age because I’ve had to face so many different facets of myself.

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