All Star – 1996


“My life feels normal to me!”
All Star, 1996

It’s easy to see why actors and actresses are put up on pedestals by the people who watch them on TV and go to see their movies. After all, that lifestyle looks so glamorous, what with the attention the celebs receive, the stylish clothes they wear, all the little-and big-perks they get from being famous. But little do we know, as the public, know that lots of those very stars dont really feel like stars at all, including Christina Ricci!

Christina’s been in a bunch of flicks–Mermaids, the Addams Family movies, Casper, and then two new ones, That Darn Cat and the Ice Storm. She has modeled for big-name magazines like Italian Vogue. She wears funky designer duds, rides in limos to movie premieres, goes to Hollywood-type parties; and so on, but Christina doesn’t consider herself to be a big deal. In fact, she’s pretty adamant about the fact that shes a regular teenager with regular teen concerns!

“My life feels really normal to me,” Christina says. “People assume that just because I act I don’t have a childhood or anything. And it’s really fulfilling to me, and it really makes me feel important.” Aside from the fact that she might leave her New York private school occasionally to film a movie, 17-year-old Christina does attend school with kids her age, she gets homework, hangs out with her friends, goes to the movies–you know, normal teen stuff! “I am a teenager. I’m still going through my awkward stage, and somtimes I just want everybody to leave me alone.” Now that sounds pretty teenager-ish, dont you think?

Even though Christina is a big box-office draw, beginning way back when she played Wednesday in The Adams Family up through when she stared in Casper and Now and Then, she doesn’t care very much for the celebrity part of the show business. She says her family keeps her grounded–whether she wants to or not! “I come home from [making] a movie, and my brothers are like, ‘Who do you think you are?”‘ But Christina will admit she loves being a poser! One of the privlages of being an actress that Christina gets a thrill over is getting to wear cool clothes for photo shoots and having someone dress and arrange her! And who wouldn’t love that?!

It’s pretty typical for teens to be self conscious about their looks. Christina, whose pretty face has been admired by hordes of fans when she appears on the big screen, sees her forehead and groans! “I have the biggest forhead, and I guess when I was little, I kept hitting my head in the same spot, so i have these two, like, permanently thickened places, these two knobs!”

One thing that show biz tends to do is make kid stars grow up at a very fast rate, probably cause they work in a business that is so adult oriented. And you can see this when you talk to Christina that she is wise beyond her years. She’s pretty self-possesed, and describes herself as “small, like 5’1″, sarcastic and hyper. I can also be quiet. But sometimes I can be loud. I like to argue a lot.”

Currently, you can catch Christina at theaters in That Darn Cat. She plays Patti Randall, a teen who’s bored to tears living in a small New England town–until she and FBI agent Zeke Kelso (Doug E Doug) start tailing her cat, DC around trying to solve a kidnapping. What they discover, as seen through the eyes of the kitty, is that the towns people who seem ordinary are actually the exact opposite. Christina really digs her character mainly cause shes full of teen angst. She wears black and hates the town. Sounds pretty normal huh?

Script developed by Never Enough Design