Written by award-winning author Johnny DePalma and illustrated by Bao Luu, “The Secret Life of Shadows” introduces readers to a hidden world of music and dance – of shadows and starlight, all gathered together to ask the curious question: What exactly do our playful shadows do when we fall asleep at night? As it turns out, Christina Ricci already might have the answer!

“The Secret Life of Shadows” is now available for pre-order from the publisher’s site, which also touts some impressive early reviews:

“…a mesmerizing children’s book that is easily one of the best I’ve read this year.” — Readers Favorite
“The Secret Life of Shadows will jump off the page and into the hearts of its readers.” — Independent Book Review
“The Secret Life of Shadows is a delightful fairy tale sure to raise the spirits and stir the imagination.” — The Children’s Book Review
“Enchanting, [&] dreamlike. Effortless rhyme and vibrant colors meld into an expression of wonder and delight…” —Kirkus Review

For more information, and an exclusive first listen, visit: https://umbrellybooks.com/tslos/