If you came of age in the 90s, odds are, Christina Ricci was on your screen. She first garnered attention playing Cher’s daughter in Mermaids, and then swiftly moved on to capturing one of the most memorable portrayals of Wednesday Addams in the Addams Family films. She followed that up with seminal childhood films Casper, Now and Then, and spread her wings in films like The Ice Storm and The Opposite of Sex.

The actress flourished, transitioning to more adult roles, and didn’t feel the growing pains of growing up before audiences’ eyes.”I was very lucky early on in my career that just as I was stuck playing in family films… right at that time, independent films became popular, and they wanted teenagers to play teenagers.”

Recently, there’s been talk of a Christina Ricci renaissance after viewers have fallen in love with horror series’ like Lifetime’s The Lizzie Borden Chronicles, and Showtime’s Yellowjackets, but in all fairness, Christina Ricci has never left. However, given the natural ebbs and flows of a three-decade career, the overnight love for Yellowjackets and her character Misty Quigley isn’t lost on her. “I do get that when things don’t hit a certain level of success, they can for lack of a better word, go unnoticed,” said Ricci. “So, I get why it seems like I wasn’t around, but also, this does feel special to me.”

Her latest horror project is the small-budget film Monstrous. In the 1950s period piece, she plays Laura, a single mother to 7-year-old Cody. Laura is leaving her past, including her abusive ex-husband, in the rearview. With a new job, and change of location, it feels like a new start for Laura, but things soon turn sinister when Cody is haunted by a lady in the pond. Soon, Laura realizes she can’t run away from her trauma that transpired a year ago.

Christina Ricci spoke to Awards Radar about her new project Monstrous, the success of Yellowjackets, and the upcoming Netflix series Wednesday.