Check out this new interview with Christina Ricci with Inverse!

From starring as Wednesday Addams to her role in the Wachowskis’ Speed Racer, she’s always been able to hop between genres with ease. Now, decades later, her career is no different. After starring in surprise runaway hit Yellowjackets as the conniving nurse-turned-hostage-holder Misty, she’s moved on to something a bit more atmospheric.

Monstrous, premiering in theaters and VOD on May 13, is a completely different role for the actress, but it’s nothing she’s not up for. The psychological horror follows Laura, a young mother who escapes her ex-husband to start a new life with her son, only to discover that nothing is as it seems — including Laura herself.

Ricci is also planning a return to the franchise that made her a household name in Netflix’s upcoming series Wednesday, and then, of course, there’s the second season of Yellowjackets. She spoke to Inverse about her varied career, her dream projects, and her childhood love of fantasy.