Hello, and welcome back to the re-launch of Confessions of Christina Ricci! It’s been a wild ride for me personally the past 7 years, and I can finally get back to my favorite hobby, maintaining this website. I’ve missed working on a site for Christina, and I am happy to be back bringing updates to you all! Thank you for sticking by this website all these years, CoCR launched 19 years ago this May; time flies!

As you can see, some things are broken at the moment. I thought the backup of the website I had was complete and included everything, but it wasn’t full, so I will be slowly working through fixing the missing images in the gallery. We have all the posts and pages intact, so that’s a win!

I will update things on the back-end and post main updates with additions to the gallery and any breaking news or videos. You can also keep up-to-date with this site on social media. We’re on Instagram @confessionsofchristinaricci, Facebook @ChristinaRicciFans, and Twitter @CoCR_fansite; please give the accounts a follow!