Christina Ricci’s gone from flying the friendly skies to filing some legal briefs.

The former Pan Am stewardess will guest-star in The Good Wife’s forthcoming Season 4, CBS announced Wednesday evening via Twitter.

Ricci will play Therese, an outrageous comedienne who uses her beauty for comedic effect, TVLine has learned. The character is described as a “dry and matter-of-fact” woman who likes to shock people and joke around – even when she probably shouldn’t. As you may have guessed, the controversial funny lady will seek out Lockhart Gardner’s services.

The role is Ricci’s first TV part since starring as Maggie in ABC’s airline-themed drama, which was cancelled earlier this year.

She’s the latest in Good Wife’s impressive list of Season 4 guest stars, which includes Maura Tierney, Nathan Lane, Kristin Chenoweth, Marc Warren, Amanda Peet and Annabella Sciorra.