There is so much to love about ABC’s Sunday drama Pan Am, and we’re giving you first-class access to this season’s plot-twists and love interests. (Be warned, we’re going to be experiencing some slight turbulence via airplane puns.)

We recently went to the set of Pan Am and talked to the ladies about what life was like for those stewardesses in 1963: the adventures, the men, and of course the fashion. Plus, the always-adorable Christina Ricci reveals how she’s fooling all of America…

“I’m actually not tall enough to be a Pan Am flight attendant, so the other girls wear kitten heels on the flight and I wear full high heels to try and trick the audience,” Ricci tells us with a smile. Quite the sinister and evil minx, right? Well, she certainly fooled us!

If you’ve been following Pan Am like we have, then you already know that the foursome has been to London, Paris, and Berlin. So the only question left is: Where will they be landing later this season?

Margot Robbie, who plays newbie flight attendant Laura, reveals to us that Pan Am will be jet-setting to Rome at the time of the second Vatican Council. “There are a lot of nuns and priests on the plane with us, and there’s a funny storyline with this passionate couple in a lavatory.” Robbie says, “Laura is stuck with all that, so it’s really funny.”

While the women are excited to take in the sights and partake in a new adventure, Kate (Kelli Garner) a stewardess doubling as a CIA agent, receives a threatening (and physical) message from another intel agency.

The cool fact about that is Garner’s character’s deceptive background is based more on fact than fiction. “What is so fascinating to me is you talk to real stewardesses of that time and they go, ‘Oh yeah, that stuff happened all the time.’ And you’re like ‘Really?!’ That just blows my mind.”

Another mind-blowing aspect of Pan Am is the insider look we get to a time where a man’s inappropriate comments and actions toward women are normal day-to-day behavior. Ricci explains that her character Maggie channels her anger at pig-headed men into sarcasm and wit. “It’s really fun to show that this woman in particular was not enjoying the misogyny that existed around her, but her only means of dealing with it at that time was to really give it back to them verbally.”

Ricci continues, “She has her, ‘I’m dripping with sarcasm right now’ voice when she’s talking to people and when she’s on the plane and smiling she wishes the person would just die.”

While Maggie is more of a strong and direct woman, Collette (Karine Vanasse) is more of the romantic and optimistic one of the group. So far this season we’ve learned that she typically falls for the wrong men, aka the married type, but Vanasse dishes that a younger man is now vying for her attention.

“In this episode she takes care of a really sweet, charming, a little bit of a trouble-maker, little boy on the plane, but he falls for her and he’s twelve, so he’s going to learn a lesson tonight.” explains Vanasse. Well, inappropriate relationships do make for good TV.