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Jennifer • Sep 26, 2011 • Site

Confessions of Christina Ricci has been named Fansite of the Day for September 26th! Thanks to the folks at The Fan Carpet for choosing us!

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Christina Ricci .ws (@CoCR_fansite) (@CoCR_fansite)

September 26, 11 • 12:43 am

Confessions of Christina Ricci – Fansite of the Day http://t.co/2gmjYQrv


November 6, 11 • 3:26 pm

Hello Christina, I think this show is so fun and love the fashion and storylines. I really hope the tv programmers figure out that there are alot of people wanting to have a show like this to watch. Please don’t let them cancel this show. I love it and think your a great actress and so is the rest of the actors and actresses. Keep up the good job and hopefully I can get more of my friends and family to let the network know we want this show.

Thanks Kristina witha K 🙂

Savanna Osborne

November 13, 11 • 1:22 pm

Hi Christina,

I just watched Now and Then with my Grandpa. I love all your movies. How can I get an autographed picture of you? I hope I’m not asking for too much.

Love, Savanna


November 27, 11 • 1:46 pm

До умопомрачения потрясающе Божественно красивая девушка-актриса!!!
Мой идеал женской красоты!


November 27, 11 • 1:49 pm

To distraction shockingly Divinely beautiful girl-actress!!! My ideal of womanish beauty!

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December 6, 11 • 4:43 am

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Márcio Rodrigues

December 10, 11 • 7:03 pm

I adore its interpretation. Its films are perfect. It is fantastic.


January 24, 12 • 6:21 am

hey Christina I love your movies and i enjoy pan am i hope it gets picked up for a second season, and my I add you’re very sexy beautiful and a very talented actress. i was also wondering do you keep in touch w/ cher? and yes i like women LOL!

christinas awesome

February 12, 12 • 12:43 pm

hey christina i love you so much, i love your films now and then, gold diggers, cursed, monster, black sname moan and SLEPY HOLLOW


nicholas miller

February 23, 12 • 11:07 am

you are great and I admire you can i have a autograph please nicholas miller 2320 s 7th st terre haute in 47802 thanks

christinas awesome

March 15, 12 • 11:54 am

can i plzzzzzzzzz have ur autograph, i love you


christinas awesome

March 15, 12 • 11:58 am

hi me agen i just want to tell u im only going on facebook to chat with u hopefully, im risking it to talk to u, becoz i heard horrid things happen on fb, but i cant talk to you until september coz im not yet 13


Reynaldo Barajas

April 4, 12 • 6:58 pm

presiosa muneca siempre la mejor no puedo mover mis ojos cuando te miro en tus movies me siento conectado a ti presiosa lo k daria por mirarme en tus lindos ojos cris shine my star

Bernie Scott

April 29, 12 • 4:10 am

Love your work – gorgeous to behold.

I wish you all happiness and welcome you to north Qld (Australia) anytime you want to visit our fair city of Mackay!


May 15, 12 • 2:11 pm

good actress and good movies. too bad she doesnt miss a chance to blow her boobs and everything all the over the screen. that i find lame and sad and it ruins all her movies. would be much better if she would keep her clothes on.

Chris Barry

May 17, 12 • 4:54 pm

Wow fancy you for years lol u ever. In Manchester England I might buy you a drink gotta be a football fan though x x

Larry Ratliff

May 30, 12 • 4:37 am

Hi Christina, Darling you stole my heart years ago…….:)
I own one of the cars from John Carpenters horror movie “CHRISTINE” I would love to get some photos of you with her!!!!!!




June 19, 12 • 3:33 pm

I look exactly like you did when you were in the movie casper! I think I am your twin! How do I send you a picture?

Morgan Sjöberg

July 5, 12 • 3:30 am

I would very much like to write a personal letter to
Christina. Can anybody out there help with an adress?


hazel w de la cruz

July 26, 12 • 12:57 pm

congrats-love it—-


September 9, 12 • 3:59 am

Hi Christina,

Keep up the good work you truly are an inspiration to Actresses out there.

Feel free to check my forum out, im also on Facebook under th ame of the sileby jester.

God bless,

Karl x

Daniel Zamora

December 25, 12 • 9:38 pm

Hi, Christina, I´m daniel, im from Ecuador. and im fan of you since the addams family as wednesday. no doubt you´r a great actress and hope you are ok. Merry christmas to you and all your family. take care so much and god bless u always.


January 6, 13 • 11:10 am

I know a lot of things that know a lot. I would like to tell you a lot.

Janie Martin

April 20, 13 • 8:58 am

Dear Christina:

I am a 73 year old singer and Hypnotist. I have a peculair gift. Accept it or not. I believe you to be the reincarnation of an actress in the 1940’s by the name of Nina Vale. She played in the The Gay Falcon 1941 movie. In between that however I do not know for sure but what you may have shared the same Soul Essence of Natalie Wood.
With Peace Profound,
Janie M.

Mary Katherine

July 28, 13 • 8:56 am

Dear Christina,
Just read an amazing book with a main character that reads as if completely written with you in mind to play the part! Check out “My Heart Can’t Tell You No” by M. K. Heffner, and I’m sure you’ll quickly see the resemblance as well as a perfect fit for a leading man!
Best Wishes!


December 6, 13 • 7:20 am

Dear Christina Ricci,
I would like to ask you something for my school project.
Who advised you to become an actress?
Are you satisfied with things you have achieved in life?
Do you want to achieve more in your life?