Christina Ricci has always been one of the coolest interviews over the years. Sometimes she’s sarcastic, sometimes she’s sweet, but she never takes things too seriously. Now she stars on the ensemble ‘60s drama Pan Am, as Maggie, the head stewardess on the airline. At the Television Critics Association presentation this summer, I got a few questions in with her and she did not disappoint.

CraveOnline: Do you like the girdled look you have to wear on the show?

Christina Ricci: Yeah. All the underpinnings and everything, they were really beautiful.

CraveOnline: Obviously you’re the most well known person in the cast. Was it important to you that they emphasize the ensemble, so it’s not the Christina Ricci show?

Christina Ricci: Well, yeah. It’s an ensemble cast. The story’s about everybody in the show. It’d be weird if they advertised it as anything else.

CraveOnline: Is Maggie going to be a troublemaker?

Christina Ricci: Maggie’s a little bit of a troublemaker. They met me and they wrote. Jack spent some time with me and all of a sudden my character is a troublemaker.