Before the networks unveil their fall lineups next week, has chosen the 11 most promising pilots:

Pan Am (ABC)
Starring: Christina Ricci
Summary: The stewardesses and pilots of the titular airline are the stars of this sexy soap set in the Jet Age of the 1960s.
Pedigree: Jack Orman (ER) wrote the pilot and will executive-produce with Tommy Schlamme (The West Wing), who is also directing the pilot.
Why we like it: The first episode starts off like a typical workplace drama, but it’s quickly revealed that in addition to coffee and tea, these flight attendants also serve up a tall glass of espionage. Yes, they’re spies! Intrigued?
Why it has a shot: In a post-Mad Men world, ABC is not immune to the charms of the scotch-and-sexism bandwagon.