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Jennifer • Mar 01, 2011 • News, TV Series

In her first major TV gig, Christina Ricci has closed a deal to star in ABC’s drama pilot Pan Am. The project, from Sony Pictures TV, writer Jack Orman and director Thomas Schlamme, is a sexy soap set against the Jet-Age about pilots and flight attendants working at the iconic Pan Am airline in the 1960s. Ricci, repped by ICM and Management 360, will play the lead, Maggie, a fiery stewardess who is leading a double life – on duty she is a beautiful, perfectly groomed and poised stewardess, and off duty she is earthy, bohemian living among the beatniks and intellectuals of Greenwich Village.


8 Responses to “Christina Ricci Closes “Pan Am” Deal”


March 1, 11 • 10:42 pm

Awesome! So happy to hear our girl will be in a major TV show (and I am quite sure it will do well). Her character Maggie will suit her well I think. Thanks for the info on this Jen.


March 7, 11 • 11:26 pm

yay this is exciting news hope the show is a success for her

Halk Vurl

March 24, 11 • 4:13 pm

Thank you for the information provided.


March 29, 11 • 2:24 am

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March 29, 11 • 2:56 am

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March 29, 11 • 2:56 am

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March 29, 11 • 2:57 am

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March 29, 11 • 10:59 pm

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