Lionsgate Home Entertainment has announced that the animated feature ALPHA AND OMEGA, featuring the voice talents of Hayden Panettiere, Justin Long, Christina Ricci and Dennis Hopper, will be available on Blu-ray January 11, 2011. The film follows two wolves from different social classes and must work together to get back to their pack while falling in love along the way. The film was originally released in 3D, but no word yet on whether the 3D format will make it to Blu-ray. The film opened in September and left pretty quickly only grossing around $25 million.

Special Features Include:
* Interactive Game: “Log Sliding”
* Wolves in the Wild: featurette
* The Alpha of Animation
* Voicing the Wolves
* From Alpha to Omega
* Personality Test: Are You an Alpha or an Omega?
* Animal Fun Facts Trivia