Hi. Agnieszka Wojtowicz-Vosloo here again to answer the second most frequently asked question about After.Life, as well as a replying to some of your questions. So here goes…

Is Anna (Christina Ricci) dead or alive? Is there a big twist at the end?

Now you don’t expect me to really answer that question. Do you? OK. Well…

…one thing I can say is that Eliot (Liam Neeson) is not the devil as some people have suggested. Nor is he God (even though at one point Anna thinks he might be God). And no, Liam and Justin are definitely not the same person. And Christina is not a robot as one of the comments suggested… although it’s not a bad idea!

There is a huge surprise at the end but it’s not the twist many of you will expect!

As you probably already know from the trailer, Anna wakes up on a slab and is told by Eliot, the local funeral director, that she’s dead. He tells her he has a gift. He can talk to the dead and help them transition to the afterlife.

But throughout the movie we’re never quite sure if she’s alive or dead until the very last moment. One minute we think she’s dead, then the next we’re sure she’s alive. Both interpretations are equally plausible, but there are clues that will reveal the real answer. And by the end of the movie it’s clear that Anna is… well you’ll just have to see the movie for yourselves!

From Facebook – thanks to Frank for the link!