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Jennifer • Nov 22, 2009 • Site

Welcome to the brand new version of Confessions of Christina Ricci! I have spent the past two days behind the scenes working on coding this layout and making sure that it looked good in Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer… If you encounter any errors with anything, please let me know and I will work to fix it!

I have also re-did the site affiliates page and there is a new way to apply for affiliation… So if you have a high quality fan site, feel free to check that out! I did go through and delete the affiliates that were either dead links, not linking back to this website, or have gone without updates for more than 6 months. If you feel that I have removed with on accident, please re-apply. 😉

Anyway… I hope that you all enjoy this new theme, please comment with your thoughts in the “comments” section of this post! :biggrin:

12 Responses to “Brand New Layout!”


November 22, 09 • 3:33 am


im from germany and i visit this site for several years. This new layout is awesome! Its really really good. Very well done! :heart:

Many greets from germany,


November 22, 09 • 4:21 am

I think it one of the best so far,I love it <3


November 22, 09 • 5:08 am

OMG! It’s beautifull here now. Past layout was so old. This looks so fresh and modern. I really love it!


November 22, 09 • 5:52 am

It’s so beautiful! :heart:

holden c.

November 22, 09 • 8:41 am

Favorite one yet! Looks great Jen!


November 22, 09 • 3:49 pm

wow this new layout looks amaaazing :biggrin: great job, love it!


November 22, 09 • 5:11 pm

The best so far! 🙂


November 22, 09 • 11:10 pm

the new site layout looks amazing – great job :biggrin:


November 22, 09 • 11:37 pm

Love the new layout, keep up the great work Jennifer. I love coming here and catching up on CR news!


November 23, 09 • 10:13 am

OMG, I love the new layout!! Amazing work on this page in general!!


November 24, 09 • 8:55 am

Bravo! The site looks amazing!! 🙂 :biggrin:


November 24, 09 • 10:14 am

Love the new layout Jen. Refreshing and eye catching.