Yesterday Donna Karan New York’s PR girl was tweeting it up about a film that was being shot for DK with Christina Ricci. The director of this project is none other than the son of Sting, Jake Sumner, and the producer is People’s Revolution owner, Kelly Cutrone. This all makes for a pretty interesting bunch! I asked DKNY’s PR girl via Twitter if she could give me more info and she said that she could not tell much, just that CR was the star and that Jake is directing and K Cutrone is producing. Sounds like something that could be pretty cool! I also asked DKNY’s PR girl via Twitter how Christina was in person and she replied, “She is a total sweetheart. Truly a doll.” That is good to know! I really love it when celebrities are nice! BTW, this is another reason why I love Twitter. Where else can you chat with a PR person from a big fashion label while they are on the set of a cool project? Hopefully we will all get to see what is going on soon!

From Orange Juice and Biscuits