Christina Ricci

Like the rest of the planet, you’ll be seeing Christina Ricci bring to life the iconic role of Trixie in Speed Racer this spring. We share a chat with the Pixies-loving beauty behind the blockbuster to get her thoughts on everything from strapping into her latest role to the color of her underwear. Read on, you’ll see what we mean!

What was it like working on such a big summer blockbuster?

It was really fun. I always say that the budget doesn’t really matter so much—yes obvious things are different but—people are still people and you can have the worst people in the world on something that’s supposed to be really heartfelt and passionate, and it’s a horrible experience. You can have the most amazing people ever on another project and that’s what makes it great and fun. And the Wachowskis are such incredible, incredible people to work for and with. And this movie is just so much fun, with everything we got to do and everything that we all wore. It was an ensemble cast and the whole cast got together and really loved each other, so that made it a lot of fun.

Did you want to take home any pieces of the colorful and fun wardrobe?

I did. There were some things that were really, really cute. Kym and I actually got to choose which clothes she sent to Mattel for the Barbie. So, the Barbie is wearing my favorite outfit. And that’s the outfit I wanted to take home, but you can’t take the wardrobe. Kym’s an amazing wardrobe designer because she’s the only person I’ve ever encountered who gives the character underwear as well. So I took home with a lot of pink and red underwear.

What was it like working with Emile Hirsch?

I saw Into the Wild, but that had come out after we had already made Speed Racer. He’s amazing in it, and that movie’s incredible. Emile is such a great actor to have working with you and to work with because he’s really present and he’s very generous as well. I had to go in and audition and with him, and he had already gotten the part, and just the whole time I was auditioning, he was really helpful. So it was really nice; we really got along.

What’s your favorite music?

My favorite band of all time is The Pixies. But right now I’m really enjoying Spoon’s new record. And Nick Cave’s new record is pretty good. I’m still enjoying the Calvin Harris–even though it’s been out a year, I still enjoy it. I listen to a lot of old music, like a lot of Dylan and the Stones and stuff like that, Tom Petty.

Top MySpace friend?

I think I actually went on Fiona Apple’s MySpace page once, right before Extraordinary Machine came out, because I love her. So she’d be my Top friend. I enjoy her immensely.

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