After years of dancing on the dark side in movies like Sleepy Hollow and Black Snake Moan, Christina Ricci shifts gears in the Wachowski Bothers’ cartoon inspired action flick Speed Racer. Can she shake her own demons long enough to be happy in Hollywood?

During lunch at Hollywood’s Sushi Roku, Christina Ricci-sporting Barbie-emblazoned ballet pumps, jeans, a roll-neck sweater and a woolly scarf knotted under her chin-is offering a master class on how to hold you own in this spring’s whizzziest blockbuster.

First off, rock the perfect outfit for flying helicopters; “A black leather catsuit that’s short, short,” she says , jabbing her chopsticks and repeating the word to emphasize the retro-futurist mini-ness of her chopper-jockey costume. “And black patent-leather stiletto boots. They’re perfect for working the pedals.”

Equally crucial is the correct noise to make when karate-chopping a villain. “Hi-YA!” you must yell at the top of your lungs before doing four cartwheels en route to safety.

From Giant Magazine – pick up the May 2008 for the full article!