Aimee Galicia Torres, the director of the upcoming film Nothing But Dreams has posted a message regarding the article that we recently posted. It reads:

Hi everyone!

I wanted to correct this article regarding the upcoming movie. As stated in the interview, but did not end up making it to the final print, we ideally would like to begin principal photography in October, however that is all subject to change and most likely will be November. Also, regarding the release for Valentine’s Day, that was wishful thinking, and mostly definitely be released later on in the year. We are on the final stages of finalizing funding for this film, we are just awaiting a letter of intent from possible actors in the film.

The wish list of actors, have yet to be confirmed, we are still in the process of talking to agents.

Regarding the release under Universal Pictures, we would love the film to be released under them, it would be a dream come true.

I apologize everyone for the misconceptions of this article. I plan to have another press release coming out through my publicist in the trades relatively in the next couple weeks to straighten this out once and for all.

Again sorry everyone, and please feel free to message me if there are any concerns or questions regarding the film.

Good luck to Aimee on her upcoming project and let’s hope we see Christina’s name in the cast list. 😀